Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

It is important to state that not all Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferers have the same symptoms or the same symptom intensity.

All about spasticity

The muscles of the body maintain what is called "normal muscle tone," a level of muscle tension that allows us to hold ourselves up. When the tension in these muscles increases they become rigid and are said to be "spastic." When muscles become spastic, their range of motion decreases and movement of these muscles can be painful.

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Life with Spasticity

When did you begin to experience spasticity?

When did you begin to experience spasticity?

Interviews with Patients with Spasticity

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Experience spasticity

Spasticity, a common symptom of multiple sclerosis, is due to an increase in muscle tone, which manifests itself as increased resistance during joint flexion and extension. It can range from being bothersome to very disabling, but either way it requires greater effort to move around and carry out daily activities.

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