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On this webpage you will find all the relevant information on the most common symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), as well as its causes, signs, incidence and available treatments. This page is intended for patients with MS and their family members, care givers and friends.

It’s important to remember that not all MS sufferers will have, either now or in the future, all these symptoms, neither do they experience them in the same way. This information is not a substitute for that provided by your doctor or other health professionals.

  • Advice on living with MS

    Find some advice that can help you live day by day.

    Come in and find our advice to ease the effects of MS and improve its symptoms.

  • Mobility and driving

    Find out about the adaptation methods that will help you get around more easily.

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  • Exercice

    The best exercises for each symptom, depending on its intensity.

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Patient Testimonials

Covadonga Alvarez
Madrid, Spain. 40 years old. University professor.

Covadonga AlvarezMadrid, Spain. 40 years old. University professor.

"For those of us who were diagnosed years ago, we would like our symptoms to be properly treated, so we can remain active both personally and professionally."

Let’s hear what the doctor has to say

What are the symptoms of memory loss?

What are the symptoms of memory loss?

Dr. José Carlos Álvarez Cermeño. Neurology Department - Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid

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